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Thoughts on Remus from his fans and his creator, JK Rowling.

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JK Rowling on Remus

The following are interview quotes made by JK Rowling relating to Remus. Note: If you have not read the 3rd, 5th, 6th, and 7th books in the Harry Potter series, this section contains spoilers.

Barnes & Noble chat transcript, 8 September 1999:

Q. What is your favorite Harry book so far?
A. The first book will always have a special place in my heart, because it was the first book I ever published. However, I prefer the plot of CHAMBER OF SECRETS. And just to confuse the issue, I was looking forward to writing the third book from the start of the first because that's when Professor Lupin appears, and he is one of my favorite characters in all seven books.
J.K. Rowling interview transcript: The Connection (WBUR Radio), 12 October 1999:
Chelsea: I wanted to know if Professor Lupin is going to turn up in any of the other stories?
JKR: Professor Lupin OK yeah. Now for people who maybe haven't got that far, or - erm - haven't read the books at all, Professor Lupin is the Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher in book three. Now he is one of my favourite characters in the whole series and - erm - yes, he will be coming - he will - you will see him again. Quite a few of the characters that crop up in - in the books do - do come back, because, I mean, you know, they're friends of Harry's now even if they're not actually living at Hogwarts. You will see Professor Lupin again in book five, not in book four. Also Dobby, the House Elf, who you see in the second book, he also crops up again - er - so - so you've got to keep your eye on these characters, because they do come back.
Lydon: Chelsea, I wondered why you asked about Professor Lupin?
Chelsea: Because I like him a lot
JKR: Oh good! I'm glad, because do you know what? I'm - from - from the moment I started writing book one I've been looking forward to writing book three because of Professor Lupin, because I knew that's when he made his first appearance and he is - he is one of my favourite characters. online chat transcript, 3 February 2000:
Q. If you had to choose one teacher from your books to teach your child, who would it be and why?
A. It would be Professor Lupin, because he is kind, clever, and gives very interesting lessons. online chat transcript, 3 February 2000:
Q. Who is your favorite character?
A. I love, Harry, Ron, Hermione, Hagrid, and Professor Lupin.
JK Rowling talks about Book Four: cBBC Newsround, 8 July 2000:
Lizo Mzimba: Now the future. Lupin's going to come back in book five isn't he?
JKR: You'll see Lupin again in five yeah, yeah - do you like Lupin?
Lizo Mzimba: Oh yes, he's my favourite.
JKR: Yeah and me. I always looked forward to writing book three because of Professor Lupin, I love him. You see a lot of old characters in book five. I'm not even going to try and tell you what happens in book five, I'm just recovering from the stress of book four.
About the Books: transcript of J.K. Rowling's live interview on, 16 October 2000:
Question: Can you explain how Lupin turns into a werewolf, since he didn't turn in the Shrieking Shack in Prisoner of Azkaban, but instead he turned only when the full moonlight hit him outside the tunnel? If he only turned into a wolf in the moonlight, why didn't he just stay inside? Did it have to do with the potion? Or was the moon not up yet?
J.K. Rowling responds: The moon wasn't up when he entered the Shrieking Shack.
Harry Potter - Harry and me: The Scotsman, November 2002:
Professor Lupin, who appears in the third book, is one of my favourite characters. He's a damaged person, literally and metaphorically. I think it's important for children to know that adults, too, have their problems, that they struggle. His being a werewolf is a metaphor for people's reactions to illness and disability.
J.K. Rowling at the Royal Albert Hall, 26 June 2003:
I was also playing with that [intolerance] when I created Professor Lupin having a contagious disease so people are frightened of him. I really liked him as a character but he also has his failing though he's a nice man and a wonderful teacher – in fact he's the one time I've written a teacher... the kind of teacher I'd have loved to have had. McGonagall is a good teacher but scary at times. Lupin's failing is he likes to be liked. That's where he slips up – he's been disliked so often he's always pleased to have friends so cuts them an awful lot of slack.
JK Rowling's World Book Day Chat, 4 March 2004:
kylie: What does the "J" in Remus J Lupin stand for?
JK Rowling replies -> 'John'. Boring but true!
JK Rowling's World Book Day Chat, 4 March 2004:
Sirius Riddle: What houses were Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, James Potter and Remus Lupin[sic] in? Everyone tells me they were all Gryffindor, but I won't believe it unless I hear it from Ms. Rowling herself!
JK Rowling says: This is JK herself saying that they were indeed in Gryffindor!
JK Rowling's World Book Day Chat, 4 March 2004:
Siriusstar: Is Remus a pureblood?
JK Rowling replies -> Half blood.
JK Rowling at the Edinburgh Book Festival, 15 August 2004:
Q. Who is your favourite character in the books?
A. I have loads of favourite characters. I really like Harry, Ron, Hermione, Hagrid and Dumbledore. I love writing Snape—even though he is not always the nicest person, he is really fun to write. I love writing Dudley. If I could meet anyone, I might choose Lupin. I really like him. My favourite new character is Luna—I am very fond of her.
The Leaky Cauldron and Mugglenet interview JK Rowling: Part Two, 16 July 2005:
JKR: Oh, how did you feel about Lupin/Tonks?
ES: That was -
MA: I was surprised!
ES: I was surprised, but not shocked.
JKR: Right.
MA: I think I was a little shocked.
JKR: Someone out there, and I don't know if it was on either of your sites — I nearly fell off my chair. Someone, this is when I do my trawls — I mean, I sound like I spend my life on the Internet and that's why I don't get my novels finished more quickly. I swear that's not true, and I'd like to make that clear for all the recording devices on the table. Because I've now got my site, I go looking for the FAQs and for fan sites that I like to put up, so that's how I find out comments and things. And someone out there, I could not believe it, had said it. Had said, 'Oh no, Tonks can't marry so-and-so, (God knows who it was) because Tonks is going to end up with Lupin, and they're going to have lots of little multicolored werewolf cubs together,' or something.
The Leaky Cauldron and Mugglenet interview JK Rowling: Part Three, 16 July 2005:
JKR: Lupin was very fond of Lily, we'll put it like that, but I wouldn't want anyone to run around thinking that he competed with James for her. She was a popular girl, and that is relevant. But I think you've seen that already. She was a bit of a catch.
Jones, Owen. One-on-one interview with JK Rowling, 17 July 2005:
OJ: Now that Peter Pettigrew has a silver hand, is he in a position to kill Lupin?
JKR: I was very interested in this, because when you won the competition to interview me, that was the one you mentioned, so I had warning about that one. And I'm assuming you thought of that because of the silver -
OJ: Silver and the werewolf.
JKR: Which is very, very good, because there's this myth, which you obviously know, that you need to use a silver bullet to kill a werewolf. I'm going to say no, that Pettigrew does not kill Lupin, but I thought that showed ... good knowledge and a good imagination to think of that.
JK Rowling's Official Site:
FAQ: Who is your favourite character?
JKR: I love: Harry, Hermione, Ron, Hagrid, Dumbledore, Ginny, Fred, George and Lupin. I love writing (though would not necessarily want to meet) Snape. My favourite new character is Luna Lovegood.
JK Rowling's Official Site:
FAQ: Did James and Lupin switch bodies before James was killed?
JKR: An ingenious theory, but no; James would never have saved himself and left his wife and son to die.
JK Rowling's Official Site:
Rumour: Lupin will come back as DADA teacher
JKR: Alas, no. Lupin's exposure as a werewolf did irreparable damage to his prospects for a career in teaching, and with the likes of Fenrir Greyback out there, werewolves are unlikely to receive a good press any time soon.
JK Rowling's Official Site:
Rumour: Professor Lupin has a twin
JKR: No, but this obviously sprang from the fact that Lupin's Christian name (Remus) comes from one of the mythical founders of Rome who had a twin called 'Romulus'. (They were raised by wolves, incidentally).
Harry Potter: The final chapter, 29 July 2007:
Meredith Vieira: So what happened there? Why did he get the reprieve?
J.K. Rowling: Well, I swapped him for someone else, and I don't want to say who for the people who haven't-- read. But I-- I made a decision as I went into writing Phoenix that I was going to reprieve Mr. Weasley and I was going to kill someone else. And if you finish the book, I-- I expect you probably know and someone else who is a father. And I wanted there to be an echo of-- of Harry's loss of parents. And you probably know who I'm talking about if you've finished the book. But-- so there are two characters who are killed in (book) Seven. So Mr. Weasley did get attacked, as you know, in Five. But he would have died if I'd have stuck to the original plan. But he survived. I had to keep him alive partly-- partly because I couldn't bear to kill him.
Meredith Vieira: But there were two that weren't supposed to die that did end up dying.
J.K. Rowling: Yeah, yeah. I swapped them for Mr. Weasley. But they didn't then die until Seven.
Harry Potter: The final chapter, 29 July 2007:
J.K. Rowling: I wanted there to be an echo of what happened to Harry just to show the absolute evil of what Voldemort's doing. The fact that you leave orphans and you leave children who then have to make their way in the world uncared for and unprotected. And-- so that's why I killed the two that, you know, you know about in this book. Which I hated, hated doing because I love them both as characters.
Harry Potter: The final chapter, 29 July 2007:
J.K. Rowling: To hear that Teddy Lupin -- Lupin's son is obviously okay. That he has an ongoing relationship with Harry and that he's-- he must be quite happy and he's got a very good-looking girlfriend because I think he's kissing in the epilogue his-- Bill and Fleur's eldest daughter.
Meredith Vieira: And why is that important?
J.K. Rowling: Because he's been orphaned. And I want-- I want to show that he's okay. And I want to show that because the world is a better place, he's having a happier-- and then I started to cry. So obviously Teddy Lupin's very important to me. I just-- yeah. I-- having killed both his parents, I really wanted him to be okay. online chat transcript, 30 July 2007:
Tineke: Did teddy grow up living with his grandmother?
J.K. Rowling: Yes, Teddy was raised by Andromeda.
J.K. Rowling: However, unlike Neville, who was also raised by his grandmother
J.K. Rowling: Teddy had his godfather, Harry, and all his father's friends in the Order, to visit and stay with. online chat transcript, 30 July 2007:
Casey Kunze: Who killed remus and tonks I think if I knew this, I would get some closure over the very sad, but understandable, death of two of my favorite characters
J.K. Rowling: I'm so sorry! I met a couple on launch night who had come dressed as Lupin and Tonks, and I felt dreadfully guilty as I signed their books!
J.K. Rowling: Remus was killed by Dolohov and Tonks by Bellatrix. online chat transcript, 30 July 2007:
Vio91: Is teddy lupin a werewolf
J.K. Rowling: No, he's a Metamorphmagus like his mother
SOURCE: Accio Quote! copyright © to Angela and Kim