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Simple And Effective Weight Loss Tips

You might have heard it before: eat less and exercise more to lose weight. Well, it seems true in theory, but science has also proven it right. The only problem is that this works best for a short time; for long-term weight loss, it doesn’t work at all. Experts say that eating less or skipping meals elevate blood sugar levels and delays insulin response. For instance, if you’re waiting too long to eat morning breakfast, your metabolism slows down and encourages your body to store more calories rather than using them for energy. To avoid such problems, eat every three hours to get optimal energy and appetite control.

Post-workout snacks

If you’re afraid of eating just after hitting the gym, you will never be able to lose weight. Nourishing your body after burning calories in the gym is essential for repairing muscles. Take light snacks such as low-fat chocolate milk, egg whites, half of a turkey sandwich or protein powder blended with a banana.

Avoid too much exercise

If you think working out too hard will fetch you good results in less time — you’re mistaken. Overtraining leads to the production of the stress hormone, cortisol that bust up the metabolism, mood and the immune system. Besides, elevated cortisol leads to breaking down of body muscles and store fats around the mid portion of the body. In order to avoid such problems, exercise for one hour, four to five days a week. Besides, you also need to consult a dietitian to learn what and how much to eat.

In addition to the above weight loss tips, you also need to control your stress level and get quality sleep. Take at least six hours of sleep and avoid watching late night shows on television. Sleep early and wake up early to stay fit and energetic all through the day.