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About The Hormone Testosterone Boosters & Tablets

Many people are under the impression that testosterone supplements are only useful for men. This isn’t true. This hormone is helpful to both men and women, although it is much more effective to man and found more prevalently in their bodies. Both men and women can use the hormone for different reasons related to health and physical performance. Testosterone is an important hormone to know and understand because it is, by far, the most important hormone to the human body when it comes to physical performance. Testosterone supplements for sale can be found in many different forms and is prescribed to treat all sorts of physical issues.

Testosterone is what is called an androgenic hormone. It is commonly referred to as the male hormone and its counterpart is estrogen. It is found in the male body mostly in the testicles and prostate and is a very active ingredient in the puberty process for males. Men have a large amount of testosterone in their body until they hit about 30 years of age. After that, there is a slow decline in the amount that is found in their body. It’s role in the development of muscle mass and muscle strength show how effective it is as a performance enhancing drug in both males and females. A testosterone supplement has the unique characteristic of being both androgenic and anabolic.

Positive Effects of Testosterone Use

– Increased Red Blood Cells – Red blood cells are the cells in the body that are responsible for carrying and delivering oxygen to the muscles. Many bodybuilders use it to increase their endurance during workouts for this reason. It also helps the muscle act more efficiently.

– Increased Protein Synthesis – When protein synthesis is increased, it improves the muscle’s ability to build mass. It also aids in nitrogen retention. This is the main reason that bodybuilders use it. It is one of the best hormones around when it comes to building mass.

– Recovery – Not only does it give an athlete the ability to workout for a longer period of time, it also shortens the time between workouts. Individuals can work out more often and for a longer period of time when they take testosterone.

Side Effects

Testosterone does have its side effects. When it is ingested by the body, it aromatizes, meaning that it is converted into estrogen after it is used. Most of the side effects associated for those who buy testosterone online are estrogenic in nature. Some of the most common side effects are:

– Water Retention – Excess water retention can cause a person to bloat. This is most commonly found in the person’s midsection.

– Increased Blood Pressure – Androgenic steroids are known to increase cholesterol. This means that it can cause increased blood pressure in some people. This effect is usually rather mild with testosterone pills.

– Acne – It can cause acne in some people on their face and back. In women, it can cause the growth of hair on the face and other areas.

There are ways to prevent or mediate the side effects of testosterone in the body. One thing that a lot of people will use medicine that stops the aromatization of the steroid in the body called the Aromatase Inhibitor. This will help reduce the estrogenic effects of the pills on the body both short and long-term.

Those looking to increase their athletic performance should investigate the positive effects. The hormone is effective in both cutting and bulking stacks if it is combined with the right drugs. The side effects are mild in women and even milder in men.