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Looking For Methandrostenolone For Sale?

Methandrostenolone, popularly known as Dianabol, was produced and marketed by a Swiss company in the 1960s. Its production was stopped in 1990. However, many other pharmaceutical companies still produce and market different products that match the profile of Methandrostenolone.

Top benefits of Methandrostenolone:

It helps you gain strength and muscle and increases the rate of recovery. Since Methandrostenolone increases the rate of protein synthesis, you can expect a faster recovery of the lost tissues. As you know, protein plays a vital role in the formation of bones, nails, cells, hair, and nearly every other part of the body. So when it comes to repairing them, protein would be needed. On average, the repairing of a cell takes about 48 hours. When you exercise hard and follow a tough routine, your muscles and tissues take quite a beating. When you take Methandrostenolone, the recovery rate is increased because of faster rate of protein synthesis.

Side effects and cure!

Methandrostenolone is toxic and it may have a negative effect on your liver if you prolong the cycle or take it in doses beyond the prescribed quantity. Since Methandrostenolone increases estrogens in the body, many male users experience enlargement of their boobs. Though it is not a major problem, it may embarrass you when you get naked. Some people experience pain in the breasts at times. You can decrease this side effect by taking aromatase inhibitors. However, in most cases, the enlargement of the breasts may cure by itself.

The consumption of this steroid may increase hair growth on your body. Surprisingly, it also leads to male pattern baldness. You will notice an increase in hair growth on your legs, hands, chest and other places of your body but with a receding hairline. It may sound contradictory, but it is the truth. Women do experience one or the other side effect even if they take it in small quantities. If taken the right way, the side effects can be minimised and brought to a degree where they are barely noticeable.

How to take it?

To achieve better results, most users stack it with other supplements. This is advised by the experts as well for a variety of reasons. You can buy Methandrostenolone in pills and injectable forms. The former is the more popular way of taking this steroid. Since it has a half life of 5 to 6 hours, you don’t take it in one go. In fact, you are required to take it in small batches of 10 to 25 mg at different hours of the day. Always take it in cycles and never try to hit it big over a short span of time. Begin with small doses and see how your body reacts to it. This steroid has done miracles for many people. Until it was banned in the 1990s, it was taken by many celebrities as well.

Where to find it?

Since buying, selling and importing Methandrostenolone has been banned in the US and many other countries, you may find it difficult to buy Methandrostenolone. Internet has become a major platform for finding Methandrostenolone for sale. However, finding the right website to buy it is a big challenge. Even if it is available for sale on a website, the seller may refuse to ship it to your address. Thus, you will have to do some research to obtain it.