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Everything You Wanted To Know About Using Anadrol Tablets

Anabolic steroids provide some of the fastest body responses seen in users. Regular and careful use of a compound like Anadrol 50 can cause a weight gain of as much as 20-30 pounds in a single cycle. A single cycle can last for four to six weeks. This much weight gain in a single cycle is not only impressive but hugely beneficial for an athlete during competition season. However, its not as simple as it seems. There have been users who state that Anadrol steroids have not worked for them. Why does this happen? Why do some users have superb results with Adrol 50, while others complain of zero effects? Are there some tips that have to be followed?

Lets find out

What Are Anadrol tablets and Anadrol pills?

Also referred to as Adrol, this drug has been used for bodybuilding since the early 1960s. The chemical name of the compound was oxymetholone and it was recommended primarily for wasting diseases and osteoporosis. However, the drug turned out to surprisingly effective on bodybuilders as well. Over time, users adapted the drugdose and cycle to create a perfect balance of Adrol that would create muscle mass while still increasing muscle strength.

Tips on Using Adrol

Most users recommend keeping the first cycle of Anadrol 50 to about eight weeks or less. This is because the steroid seems to create a huge amount of weight gain that is more than enough for competition season. Once a single cycle is complete, the athlete can then focus on retaining the weight and streamlining it for best results.

Most bodybuilders recommend using Anadrol with other agents. This is because the steroid does cause rapid weight gain but other agents are required to stabilize this weight gain when the steroid is stopped. As a result, ANA is usually combined with agents like nandrolone, trenbolone, and Testosterone to achieve the best and most stable results.

A plateau is common during work-outs and it refers to a stagnant weight gain process. If you have not used Anadrol from the start of your cycle, you can add a moderate dose of ANA to your cycle in cases of plateauing. However, do not add ANA or increase it in case you were already using the steroid from the beginning. This is because ANA can cause significant hepatic side-effects. Suddenly adding the steroid or upping the dose can be very dangerous.

Do not use ANA as your first cycle as it is an incredibly powerful steroid. We recommend you start with testosterone first as it is the father of all other steroids. If you are fine with testosterone, you will usually be completely ok with ANA as well.

Adrol does not seem to work on people with a body fat percentage of 6 or more. This is because ANA just trims fat and builds more muscle. It will not help you get into shape. We recommend first losing weight before trying ANA to gain muscle mass.

Always buy Anadrol from a reliable source. One of the reasons for the drug not working is contaminated products or fake products. To ensure that you are getting the best product, make sure you buy Anadrol online from a trusted retailer or find Anadrol for sale at a trusted local pharmacy. This may be difficult as Anadrol requires a prescription for online or real-time purchase.

As you can see, Adrol pills are effective in causing tremendous weight gain and muscle mass formation. However, they are steroids and as a result, you have to use Anadrol steroid carefully. If you follow basic rules, you should see the effects almost immediately and you will be ready for competition season well in advance.